Stay Focused with appropriate Hydration

Driving at high speeds with temperatures of more than 140 degrees Fahrenheit inside the cockpit is challenging, you need to stay focused.

In summer, you can loose at least 1-2 pounds for every 30 minutes race, that can decrease your performance and your focus.

Every race car driver prepare the machine and push the driving to the limit to gain 10ths of seconds per lap,  not having an appropriate Hydration System can generate a lost of that gain and more.

Driving at slow speeds during yellow flags reduce the ventilation and raise all the temperatures, the cockpit, your body, reducing the capacity to focus in your driving performance. You need to low your body temperature in that condition.

The Hydration System is not a replacement for a good physical condition, it is a complement to improve your driving performance

No more warm water from drinking bags.

The common drinking bags heat the water because they are not isolated and the cockpit can be at 140 +  Fahrenheit. The result is you have a warm/hot water in your drinking tube.

It is mandatory to use suits with 3 Layers of Nomex, Interiors of Nomex, Balaclavas and all that fire protection equipment raise the temperature in the body.

The last thing that you being inside all that flame retardant equipment is drink warm/hot water.

Our System push the cold water to your mouth, if the water got warm in the line, you only have to discard the small amount of warm/hot water and wait for cold water.

In ideal races, you don’t expect yellow flag conditions, but normally there are 2 or more yellow flags per race hour.

Yellow flag means drive at 45 mph around the track, inside a cockpit with more than 140 Fahrenheit. The dehydration will be proportional  to the yellow flag time.

This is when our Hydration System low your body temperature and helps you to keep your focus after the yellow flag conditions

Cold water just pushing a button

Our kit come with everything needed to have the convenience of cold water with the push of a button.

Now you can use what all Pro Teams use to hydrate their drivers.

All tubes, connectors and accessories are medical grade, the pumping system is food grade, and the water cooler is aluminum insulated.

Included are all the electric connectors as well as a harness with fuse protection.

Also we include a cleaning solution to maintain the lines bacteria free.

What is included?

How to Install


Extra Bottle

Extra bottle for every additional driver (not included)

Made of aluminum,  with isolation, interior isolated to avoid the high temperatures in cockpit.

We recommend  to fill the bottles with 70% drink and 30% ice.

Filling the bottle with ice reduce the capacity of drink in the bottle, and for the typical 40 to 90 minutes stint you need more drink than ice.

Coming Soon: Hydration Drink

We are developing a Hydration Drink especially formulated for High Stress, High Temperature and High Speed environment.

We are Enduro Racing Drivers participating in Enduro Races since 1996, we know how to improve your performance, having your internal temperature low, and returning the minerals lost during the race.

Avoid cramps, the dizziness generated during and after the race

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